Questions about our club?  Interested in joining Columbus Rotary?  Please feel free to contact us.

Columbus Rotary Club
P.O. Box 1091
Columbus, Indiana  47202-1091


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Please note that anyone interested in joining our club will need to be sponsored by a current member.  Our members enjoy getting to know and possibly sponsoring potential new Rotarians.  Please send us an e-mail or a letter if you are interested in joining. 

Here is our membership application: Membership Application

What happens at Rotary Club Meetings?

At our weekly meetings the members or our club share a meal and take time to catch up on each other's families, hobbies, businesses, and other life events.  Information on upcoming club events and opportunities for service is also provided.  Each meeting also features a program - a presentation on a community event or issue, an educational topic of interest to our members, or an update or activity related to our club.  And, we always make time for a little fun and good humor!  Here are some examples from recent meetings...

Below: Columbus, Indiana Philharmonic Music Director David Bowden provides an overview of the upcoming Philharmonic season.

Below: The Parkside Elementary School Choir performs.

Below: Club members participate in a game of "Rotary Family Feud" as a refresher and update on Rotary information and events.

Club Leaders
District Events