Recognizing Service

Our club is pleased to recognize those who demonstrate exceptional service and leadership with the following awards:

The Teree Bergman “Service Above Self” Award

The Teree Bergman “Service Above Self” Club Service Award was established in 2004 in recognition of Teree’s work for our club, Rotary International, and our community.

Teree joined the Columbus Rotary Club in 1989, and was a very active member serving as our first female Club President, as Club Secretary, and Treasurer.  She was an award winning District Governor, 3 time Paul Harris Fellow, and was a recipient of the Stewart Legacy Award in 1999.  She moved from Columbus in 2004 to Arizona and the Board of Directors determined that our Club would create and present an Award in her honor to members that exemplify “Service Above Self.”

This award is given to a Columbus Rotarian who is or has been actively involved in the Columbus Rotary Club and significantly serves our community in other ways including membership and/or leadership on not-for-profit boards, leadership on community projects and/or initiatives, and/or public service as an elected official.

The award recipient will receive an award and his/her name will be engraved on a plaque with other Teree Bergman Service Above Self award winners.  The plaque is displayed in the Columbus Rotary Club regular meeting venue.


  • 2004 – Teree Bergman
  • 2004 – Ian Kohen
  • 2005 – Tasha Mann
  • 2006 – Patty Daughtrey
  • 2007 – Barb Hackman
  • 2011 – Ian Kohen
  • 2012 – Jeff Bergman
  • 2013 – Chris Price
  • 2014 – Ian Kohen
  • 2015 - Gil Palmer
  • 2016 - Pete King
  • 2017 - Mark Pillar
  • 2018 - Warren Ward


The Alice Curry “Music Makes Your Life” Award

The Alice Curry “Music Makes Your Life” Award is presented by the Columbus Rotary Club as an annual award in recognition of a citizen/organization who has made significant contributions to the quality of life in our community by bringing, encouraging and sustaining music in our Columbus community.  As the Executive Director of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic (CIP), an active Rotarian and community leader, Alice epitomized these qualities.

A member/organization in this community for at least five (5) years that has actively promoted music at all levels and encouraged and fostered music in people’s lives.  Nominations will be no more than one type written page and may be submitted by members of the Columbus Rotary Club.  The Columbus Rotary Board of Directors (BOD) will determine the winner of the award.  The Columbus Rotary BOD will make a $500 donation to the CIP in memory of Alice Curry.


  • 2012 – Tom Pickett
  • 2013 – Janie Gordon
  • 2014 – David Bowden
  • 2015 - Kathy Dell
  • 2016 - Vanessa Edwards
  • 2017 - Ed Niespodziani
  • 2018 - Margaret Powers


The Stewart Legacy Award

The Stewart Legacy Award was created in honor of Lynn Stewart, Bob Stewart’s father, to honor a Columbus Rotarian for club service, district service, service to Rotary International, and service to the community.

The Stewart Legacy Award is one of the highest awards that our club can bestow upon a member. Lynn N. Stewart was District Governor from the Columbus Rotary Club on the occasion of this Club’s 25th Anniversary. Robert N. Stewart, Lynn’s son, was District Governor from this Club on the occasion of Rotary International’s 75th Anniversary. Both Lynn and Bob have provided this Club with excellent examples of the object of Rotary, which is “to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.” The Stewart Legacy award recipient will receive a personal award and his/her name will be engraved on a plaque with other Stewart Legacy award winners. The plaque is displayed in the Columbus Rotary Club regular meeting venue.


  • 1997 - Bob Stewart
  • 1997 – Owen Hungerford
  • 1998 - Judson Erne
  • 1999 – Teree Bergman
  • 2000 - Jim Paris
  • 2004 – Pete King
  • 2005 - Mark Lindenlaub
  • 2007 – Tasha Mann
  • 2013 - Paul Bippen
  • 2014 – Mark Pillar
  • 2015 - Joe Smith
  • 2017 - Sherry Stark
  • 2017 - Jeff Bergman
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